Friday, January 22, 2010

SAGA OF THE PINK BEDS/Animal Rescue Site
I want to encourage all of you to sign up for this site to be reminded to "click for food" each day. After you do that (which gives food to needy dogs), you can click on "don't forget to vote for your favorite shelter". You put in "Potomac Valley Pekingese Club" and "Virginia." We will receive points for each vote we get and they send food and money to the groups that are voted for (not just the winner with the most points). If you buy anything off this site, please put our group's name again, as we are given points for this also. Every little bit helps! THANKS!
Remember the pink beds that Gloria gave me for the foster dogs. They ARE for the foster dogs-- however, I haven't convinced the rest of the dogs about that rule. Cranberry, above, is curled up in one that also has a plushy red blanket in it. She is very content.
My "grandogs", Wicket and Lottie, are also sharing one-- it's really just for one dog, but hey, two dogs can get in (okay so one is over the edge, but they don't care).
Wicket now has it to himself-- and he looks like he is guarding it. ;-)
THIS is a foster dog! Anna loves the pink beds.
She's so cute I had to put her twice.
And then there is Kallie, my daughter's chocolate lab. Now this is ridiculous-- she is WAY too big for this pink bed. Maybe she really wants to be a Pekingese!
She's very comfortable, really. I'm not sure how much of her is really in the bed, but she's doing her best.
The crate in the corner is Kallie's bed-- and Wicket is in it. If Kallie is going to use his bed, HE WILL USE HER BED!! Fair is fair!!


Jeanne said...

Way too funny.......what these dogs won't do to make us laugh.......I just loved today's blog........way to go Linda...... you made me laugh out loud.!!! :)

lady jicky said...

Thats it linda - I am getting a Pink Bed for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karin said...

Kallie is HILARIOUS!

Monica said...

Kallie is too funny in that last picture she really jammed herself into that little bed - Hey she made it work :)