Thursday, September 27, 2012


 Maddy gets an  allowance.   FIVE DOLLAR A WEEK!!   So, he saved his money and sent some in for us to use for the Pekingese.  Of course, he had to take out movies, snacks, comic books first.    Here is what he said, "Hello Linda, It's Maddy!   I wanted to write you and tell U I am fine.  I bark at strangers and chase these things--- (picture of a rabbit!-- good picture, Maddy!).   Daddy called them R-bits?   I don't want them in my yard!!
 My job it to check the yard every morning for r-bits and PATROL the entire neighborhood with Mommy and Daddy at night.   A big job!    Gotta go..... had to bark at the door!!      I love my new home and family.   They needed me so BADLY.   I rescued THEM!   From Boardedum.  (I love your spelling, Maddy!)   Thank you for all you and Auntie Jeanne did.   Here is my allowance to help other needy Pekes!
I told Maddy's Dad that Pekingese needed a place to live our their lives-- but his Daddy said, "Pekingese need a place to enrich OUR lives."   I couldn't agree more.
Maddy, you sure were adopted into a wonderful family!   And Maddy wants all Pekes to get an allowance!!   (Don't tell mine!)


lady jicky said...

If I gave Moi Moi pocketmoney she would be straight on the phone ordering Take-away - so would Coco! LOL

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Maddy...I think you are spoiled rotten! My Peke Ginkgo and cat Skittles earn their keep with their "chores" and they get treats instead of an allowance. Maddy, I'm glad that you are using your allowance to help other needy Pekes, like you once were. Hugs and Kisses!