Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Stella went to meet Paddington Bear's mom and dad. They loved their Paddy, but wanted a little Peke to come be a new sister to Amelia-- Mimi. So Stella put her dress on (I helped) and we went for a meet and greet with Bill, Fiona, and Mimi. Mimi was missing Paddington, but when she saw Stella, she wagged her tail. It was a good meeting."You're letting me go? I thought this was a play date." :-) Yes, you're going to your new home, Stella. I would trust them with any of my dogs. And we can always visit you! Click
here: stellamimi - YouTube

Stella is now Magnolia-- or Stella Magnolia. I love that name! She is working her way right into her new daddy's heart and her mommy already loves her, too. If you check out the video, you'll see Mimi's tail wagging as Stella tries to "walk" her. I love happy adoptions!! We miss you, Stella, but are so glad you have a forever home now!

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lady jicky said...

So glad Ms Magnolia blossom has a new home and a sister into the bargain too!!!