Monday, September 10, 2012


Mimi was one of my foster dogs-- she came in with her puppy, Mika.Here they were when I had them six years ago. Mika was full of energy! Here's Mika now-- in the back seat on the top. She lives with Milo and Luca and their mom. Look at how safe they are!Mimi likes the comfortable life she has-- she still has a girl to take care of, her human sister. She has taught her sister to scratch her tummy through an entire episode of Scooby Doo!Mimi went with her mom, Abby, to the beach and supervised time on the sand. This is her nanny that she's with. Well, it's the kids' nanny-- but I'm sure Mimi thinks it's hers, also. Mimi sent me an email to tell me all about it-- she said she could rest five hours in a "hammock" on her mom's legs. Summer is over since school has started, but I'm sure Mimi would like another trip there before it gets cold. She sure enjoys it!

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lady jicky said...

Just love that top photo of Mimi on the yellow towel !!