Thursday, November 15, 2012


 This is Arby (aka Rose Bud/RB from the Bristol 18).   Look at how beautiful she became.    She lives in N.Va. and has a wonderful family!
 Gizmo joined the family earlier this year.    He has vision issues, skin issues-- he wasn't in good shape at all when Arby's mom and dad took him in.    Just look at him rolling around now.  
 I see you found a toy!    It's amazing-- lack of sight doesn't get in the way of being a joyful boy!
 Or getting dressed up for Halloween.  
 And is that your rain coat?  You look so cute!   Your mom said this was when Hurricane Sandy was about to hit-- and you had to go outside, so you braved the storm in your yellow slicker!  
 Here they are all vegging out-- I see one upside down in a dog bed.    I think that is Gnogi-- he's a Corgi but thinks he's a Peke.
 Arby is immitating him.    It is fun to roll over on your back.
They sure have a good life here!


lady jicky said...

This is what everyone wishes for every dog in the world -- a wonderful and happy home life.
This cute Trio has this and then sum! :)

Doris Sturm said...

I love reading about happy endings and success stories. Thank you for posting this. These guys look very happy and content. Bless you for helping them find love! You're a good match-maker ;-)

Mary Elizabeth Davis said...

Cute pix! We LOVED Gizmo! Glad to see his updates.