Thursday, November 22, 2012


 The Pekes here want to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving!    Butterscotch found Drill Bit's bed and decided he needed a nap there.   
 Annie (who has been adopted) was visiting for a few days and wore a little sweater outside--- she's tiny and needs extra help to stay warm.   Isn't she cute!    Are you waiting for turkey?   No turkey for dogs!
 Kai Kai is all bummed out that he won't have turkey.    Nope!    I don't need any vet visits over the holidays.  
 Beach Bit was helping with with the leaves and I know he wants to wish you all a great holiday-- little Annie and Kai Kai are there, too.   Isn't Annie small next to Kai?
 Look at his "Elvis look"-- Butterscotch and Annie are vegging in the living room-- they sure loved each other while Annie visited.   Maybe her mom will adopt a friend for her.
The rest of the Pekes were not part of the photo session-- but we all wish you a great day!   Happy Thanksgiving!!  (Melinda, when is your Thanksgiving in Australia-- do you have one?)

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lady jicky said...

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

No , we do not have this day at all Linda.