Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Toby and Kai Kai were sharing a chair out in the yard.  Life here is busy-- lots of Pekes, grandbits and activity.
Toby was wondering how to get down-- he got up, but getting down can be a little scary.
 He wants to try though.   Kai Kai doesn't care.  
 Toby, sees Butterscotch down there, so he does hop down.
 Beach Bit is here a lot and he loves to go down by the creek-- Butterscotch went with him.   Butterscotch had an e-collar on because of his eye surgery.    He did great and has his final check up this Wed.
 Scootbug likes to wander with Beach Bit, too.
 Bamboo is fun to swing around-- I see you!
 Butterscotch is going to help-- good thing a lot of the plants can take dog and child handling.
 Toby and Butterscotch played a lot.   Toby LOVES to play-- he's in his new home now and I'm hoping they'll adopt a playmate for him.  His Peke brother is older, and can't keep up with him.
 Kai Kai and Scooterbug are just resting in the yard--- keeping up with Toby and Beach Bit can be exhausting (trust me, I know this is true!).
 and then we are all out there, dogs, kids, foster mom.
 Time to check out what's happening outside the fence.  Toby is very interested!    We had to make sure we had a Peke friendly fence, with narrow slots in it.
Butterscotch has checked it out, too, in case there's a way to get through.   Some dogs just want to get out-- not to go anywhere, but to explore.
 Toby wasn't one of them.   He was content in the yard.
A day here is busy with kids, dogs, and everything else we do.   But, it's fun!   And never boring.    I can't imagine life without all this in it.

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lady jicky said...

Never boring that is for sure!!! :)