Saturday, November 10, 2012


Charlie Bear is being fostered in Maryland.   He's a great dog and has a deep voice for a Peke.   He just has one eye, but he loves to watch TV!  He can see it just fine!
He is being fostered with two other dogs and gets along well with them.   Are you looking for them, Charlie?   I don't think they're under there.   Maybe something else is-- a treat?
He loves to have belly rubs and is doing well when strangers come to the house-- he had some trust issues, but now that he feels safe, he is doing much better.
He is used to being in an xpen when his mom is out of the house.   He knows that is his special place when she is gone.    Xpens are so much better than crates because they have room to move around, have a bed, water, and toys.     If you are interested in Charlie Bear, let us know.


lady jicky said...

That sweet guy looks just like a old Teddy Bear !
Doing a "adoption dance soon" for the old boy :)

Doris Sturm said...

He is adorable and you know I'd have him in a minute if I could. I will send prayers and good thoughts for his forever home soon. Bless Charlie and bless you all for helping this precious boy!