Sunday, November 4, 2012


 Beth and David dressed up their Pekes for Halloween-- Missy, Wiley, Teddy, Lily, and Cosi.   (Am I right, Beth?)   
But, this isn't the only time they celebrate.
They celebrate birthdays, too.    Lily and Wiley are so enthusiastic.  You can see it, right? :-)
They dressed up to celebrate the Fouth of July.   (I just don't know how Beth does all the dogs at once.)
 I think they were doing a Christmas card photo shot here.   I love Missy's turn of her head.    Precious!  
 Missy, Xial Xial Jie, is a beautiful little girl.   She came in with pink ears and an injured eye.   Losing that eye just adds to her charm.
 Teddy, who is available for adoption, is a happy Peke.   He has a lot of energy and loves life.    
 Cosi came in with Teddy and is now a member of Beth and David's household of Pekes.   He's not going anywhere-- a foster failure!
But, Teddy is still looking for his forever home.  It's out there, we just know it!   You're beautiful, little man!

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