Sunday, October 5, 2014


 Blossom came into rescue in August.  She was terrified, wouldn't eat in the shelter and was a mess.  She had been found laying next to her dead owner and that was so  traumatic for her.
 Molly and Dad said they would foster her and I think she loves it there!  Look at that smile!
 At first, she wasn't too sure about her housemate, Oliver, but now she thinks he is okay. Look how he is resting his head on her.    How sweet!
 They share a couch, cushion or floor together.  
 It took Blossom about 3 weeks to trust Molly and Dan, but now she follows them all over.  
 She loves toys, and is really good at catching a ball in the air.
 She loves to go on walks, she runs around the house and loves to be outside, too.   Lounging in the grass with her foster mom or dad near by is the best!   She has become so laid-back.     She has come SO far from the "broken" little girl we took into rescue.   Her foster mom and dad have shown her she can be loved, that she can trust, that she can have a happy life.  (I love this expression on her face!)
She loves to be carried around the house now and doesn't react in fear.     Thank you to Molly and Dan for their wonderful care of this little girl.    She has been transformed!  Just look at that smile!

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lady jicky said...

Blossom has come so far .... I am doing my happy Adoption Dance for her .
Everyone would love to see Blossom adopted in a new loving family!!!