Saturday, October 25, 2014


 Chumley came into rescue 3 weeks ago.    His coat was matted, filthy and his skin infected.
 He was shaved down, and then he had eye fold surgery and a dental.
 And the dreaded e-collar went on-- which he didn't mind a bit.
 He's now healed and has discovered a love for toys.
 His skin is so much better, but he is still getting baths every 3-4 days.   Do you think he was trying to hide his towel, so I would not give him a bath? :-)
 He discovered a new place to rest-- on the end table by the Pekingese jars.
I see you there-- and you can't stay.   You are just fine on the couch.   Okay, Okay, you can lay on my heating pad. :-)
 Chumley is the happiest, easiest foster dog.   He loves every one, every thing.   He has so much enthusiasm for life.   Love you, Chumley-Chum!

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lady jicky said...

Ooooo Mr Chum , be careful of those lovely Peke jars!

He is such a lovely boy :)