Monday, October 27, 2014


 This is Oscar with his dad.    His mom sent me this picture last year after they adopted him.   (not our group)    He had been the victim of abuse and the owners had been told to relinquish him or be charged.    They gave him up and Oscar was a lucky boy!
 He is adorable and he wanted you to see his Halloween outfit!  
I love it!   I see you're a pirate.    Maybe I should get one of those hats for my Max, who just has one eye.    He would fit right in with that hat!     Tell your mom thanks for sharing your pictures, Oscar!!


Toni Davis said...

He is so cute! So glad he was saved and now has a wonderful family to love him and treasure him!

lady jicky said...

Oh I just love that Oscar.

I am so glad to read that one sad Peke found a wonderful home and Oscar will give that love right back to them too.

Kisses for Oscar from his new girlfriends ... Moi Moi and Coco in Australia XXXX Woof!