Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 Chumley has come to visit and he is doing great!
 He loves his little xpen that Rich Coppock sent me.  He thinks it is his little house.   The door stays open, so he can go in and out.   He is housetrained-- yahoo!-- so I don't have to close the door.
 Lexie is usually off playing with a small toy, but she has taken a liking to Chumley.
 She got in his xpen with him to keep him company.
 I stopped to greet them (with Koko watching) before I went out for my birthday dinner. :-)
 These two look like they could be related!  
 Oh, yes, Koko, you are special, too.   No  one wants to miss some attention.
 Chumley is so good with the other dogs-- in fact, I have a really nice group here.   Three are fosters, and I hope to find some wonderful homes for them!
Until then, they are fine here.    And they love their little "houses" and beds and friends.    Life is good!

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lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Linda !!!!!