Saturday, March 18, 2017


Pete was at a Virginia shelter in November.   He had been turned in by his owner.
The owner said he was 19, but we think he was younger-- still an old boy though.  Pete liked Heath, another senior at his foster home and he tried to use him as a pillow.
He had a tumor in his mouth and another on his back end, but he seemed to get around and eat well.   He could still have some time to be loved and cared for.
He stayed at Tiffany and Mikes-- they are so willing to help the older ones end their lives with care.
Pete's bad eye ruptured yesterday.  He had already been anemic, but his bloodwork showed he would not go through surgery well.   He had no ability for his blood to clot and his eye was still bleeding several hours after it ruptured.  The kindest thing was to let him go, still a hard thing to do.   Tiffany held him as she said goodbye.   Run free now, little man.    I'm so glad you were part of our rescue family.  I know many of our rescues met you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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LadyJicky said...

I am so glad he had a loving family around him at the end.Such a sweet boy.