Wednesday, March 22, 2017


 Skipper was found running down a highway in 2013.   He wasn't too sure about strangers and did not know if he could trust people.
 Tiffany fostered him and he became very attached to her and followed her around.
 That sweet face-- he was such a beauty.  Tiffany decided that he should stay with them after he had been with her for awhile.  He fit in there and was feeling secure.
 Skipper is between 9 and 10 years old now.  He is beginning to show his age a little, but is still a beautiful boy.   Like many Pekes, he hurt his eye yesterday, so he went to see the opthalmologist.  Like many of us in rescue, we know our great opthalmologists well-- so well that we can usually get in pretty quickly.   We are so lucky in our area to have a lot of specialists just minutes away.  That is a real blessing!   Many people drive hours and hours to see them, but we have them close by.
Skipper is on eye drops every three hours-- Pekes eyes are prone to injury and infection. It's critical to have an eye issue seen immediately.   It's one of the top problems that Pekes have (others are back, knee, seizures...).   Skipper will have the best care he can get from Tiffany and Mike.  I'm cheering him on!!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh sweet Skipper take it easy and I hope your eye heals fast!!!