Friday, March 31, 2017


 Maddox  came into rescue in early February.  He had been quite neglected and badly treated, but we knew with love, he could probably overcome that.
 Pekes have an amazing resilience to overcome things they have been through-- with the love and care of our foster homes, good medical care and good food, healing can come.
 Maddox' foster parents decided they wanted to keep him, so they have officially done just that!
 He loves his new family and has several other Pekes to run the house with.
 He is such a beautiful boy and so sweet!!
His name originally was Max, and we changed it to avoid confusion with all the other Max's who have come into rescue-- but his name is back to Maxx (with an extra "x") now.  Welcome home, Maxx!!!

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LadyJicky said...

Such a pretty boy .... I would not want Maxx to leave too!!!

So happy for him :)