Thursday, March 23, 2017


We were asked to take in three Pekes.  The owner had to move to her son's home and he would not let her bring her dogs.   It's so sad when this happens and we are asked to help.
 I received these three pictures and got approval to take them into rescue.  We don't make decisions independently-- we work as a team to help where we can.   Furby, above, is 12, and the oldest of the three.
Baby Girl is 11.   She isn't too sure what is about to happen to her.  
This is Rocky-- he is the son of Ferby and Baby Girl.   They have "papers" but it's a company whose purebred papers don't mean anything.  But, oh, this face.   Rocky and Ferby are big boys.
Baby Girl and Rocky are scared-- they've been with their owner all their lives and have just left her.  This is a very hard part of rescue, to watch an owner sobbing as she turns over her dogs to us when she has no other options.  It breaks my heart.
Furby, the dad, is in rough shape.  His skin is in rough shape and we'll do all we need to do to help him to feel better.
Don't worry, you three, we will help you.

I used this "poem" last year, but thought it fit here.  It's about the heart of rescue:

"I promise I will take your unwanted animals. I will heal their wounds, their diseases, their broken 
bones.  I will give them the medical attention they need and deserve. I will nurture their starvation, and give them a warm place to sleep.   I will spay and neuter them, vaccinate them against the diseases that can harm them. I will treat them and honor them. I will buy them toys, blankets, balls, and teach them to play.    I will speak softly to them. I will try to teach them not to fear, not to cry, and not to hate. I will whisper sweet, kind, gentle words into their ears, while gently trying to stroke away their fear, their pain, and their scars.   I will face their emotional scars and give them time to overcome them.    I will socialize them, potty train them, teach them to be obedient, show them dignity, and hold their paws, and stroke their ears.  And if they have endured too much, I will walk them over the Rainbow Bridge.   Most of all I will teach them Love.   To be loved, to be cared for, to have a home.   Rescue is caring for the unwanted, giving them a chance.   Thank you all who help us in this mission.   You are the best!!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh it must be so hard for you ALL ..... the owner who has to say good bye and the rescue crew that has to cope with this sad situation but those sweet Peke's will be SO looked after by you all and I do hope that the owner has a computer for she will be able to see them all in posts and know what they are doing and how they are settling in.