Tuesday, November 13, 2018


 Simon and Bella came to us from a home in Maryland.
 Bella was so small!  I wanted to just snuggle her-- which I do for all of them LOL.
 They were here as my fosters and I really enjoyed them.   Fostering means I have been able to love so many who journey through here.
 Bella has a very bad eye, which was removed while she was here.
 My friend, Jan (who I came to know when she adopted from us) adopted them both.  Simon loves the hand made blanket that Jackie made for him (she is one of our foster moms who has made wonderful blankets for so many).
 Ricky aka Buddy also lives there-- he was just adopted, a senior who needed a home.  He is such a sweet boy.
 Bella is the princess though.  And she is in charge.
 Yes, we know that about her-- because she makes sure we all know.  😀
 She and Simon have opposite eyes missing-- so if they look at each other, they do see eye-to-eye.  😃
They stole their mom's heart and she loves them so much.   What a wonderful home Bella and Simon have now!

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LadyJicky said...

No wonder why they both stole their Mum's heart .... they are so cute Linda !