Wednesday, November 14, 2018


 I wanted to give you an update on Nala.   She is getting quite a wardrobe.
 She has decided she is a mountain goat. 
 She knew something was cooking--and climbed the stool to check it out.  (I have moved the step stool!)
 Later, she wanted Sugar Bit's breakfast and checked out the chair to see if she could get up there.
 She really wanted this.
 She called in Chumley for a consultation-- did he have any ideas?
She was so disappointed when I moved the dish.  Nala, you already had breakfast!! 
Nala's bloodwork has improved some.  She is still having auto immune issues and that has led to skin issues.   She has lost a lot of her hair, and so with cooler weather, she has to have layers on.   In dogs with immune issues, they can sometimes develop demodex mange-- the demodex mites are in the hair follicles of most dogs, but in healthy dogs, they are not a problem and don't get out of control.   Sarcoptic mange is contagious, but demodex mange is not.  Thank goodness. 
 The demodex mite is cigar shaped and has eight legs. 
 They can "go crazy" in dogs with IMHA and we have to be very careful with treatment.  So many meds cannot be used on dogs with seizures, or dogs with IMHA.   We have begun Nala on a special shampoo, and a medication that is safe for her.   This link was on the Australian Shepherd site, but it goes into what this is:  Demodectic Mange - Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute
Nala goes to the vet check frequent check ups.  She knows it now, and has to take control of the waiting room each time.  It's the small office of my vet (they have two locations), so there's usually only one other dog there when we go.   Bossy Nala lets them know she is in charge.  😃  As we say here, "silly Nala!"  💜👛


LadyJicky said...

Poor Nala .... I do hope you get on top of that mange .... boy she loves to get up on things - she must be feeling a touch better Linda !

Lost Earring said...

Love the good news in regards to Lady Nala.

Carol Lee said...

I look for your updates everyday.. she looms like a perfect doll.

Unknown said...

She is so precious ❤️❤️❤️

Expat Fledgling said...

I love that she’s taking charge! Shows she’s feeling better enough to allow the true Peke spirit of “boss” to shine! Linda, you are wonderful in how you care for these fur babies. Hugs

Unknown said...

Awww, that is so sad to hear. I hope the meds work for her. She is simply stunning in her new outfit and seems to get around w/no problem at all...which looks like it could become a problem :) Praying for healing for Silly Nala.