Tuesday, November 27, 2018


 Each year I post a blog on the Christmas snow I make-- my mom made it, my grandmother made it, sometimes, my daughters make it.    Kai Kai was outside in the snow last year, but we have INSIDE snow!
 I hang all the ornaments on the tree-- old ones, new ones.  Most have a memory with them.  I love that.
 First, I shave Ivory soap (it has to be Ivory-- others just don't work) with a cheese grater.  (And don't use liquid ivory-- it will look great, but then in the morning, it will be gone.  Trust me, I tried this one year.)
 Add a little very hot water and beat it with a hand mixer.  When I was a child, we used a hand beater-- and we took turns over and over until it was the right meringue like consistency.
 The limbs of the tree become transformed as the snow is added.
 At night, with just the tree lights on, it looks like snow has fallen on the tree.
 It's easier to use a small spatula to spread it.   If you have a live tree, the branches can be prickly.
 The spatula can also go further into the branches.
 If a little snow gets on the ornaments, no problem.
 They kept working.
 I will probably add a few more layers.
And then, the fence goes up since   I love the snow on the tree.  If you try this, share your pictures with me.

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LadyJicky said...

I always remember how you make your snow....... its a Linda tradition and your Grand kids will Always remember this :)