Thursday, November 29, 2018


 To me, Christmas is so magical.  Not only is it a day of belief for me, but it evokes so many wonderful memories.   For me, having had Pekingese for most of my life, I remember so many.  I even have stockings in my stocking basket for many I have loved. 
 So many sweet Pekes-- Sweet Pea, Scooterbug, Lexie, Cranberry, Kubie, Coach, Coffeecake, Stormy and Bright Eyes (my Keeshaunds).....
 Amy's sweet Pekes, Lulu Belle and Theodore have their Christmas sweaters on. 
 Bruce is making Christmas wishes by his tree.
 Ellie posed under the tree at her foster home.  (She just had a dental today and lost 9 teeth, wow.  She will be pampered a lot this week!)
 Sweet Sydnie (foster, but a pending adoption) loves the Christmas at her home.  I did a blog on all the decorations there.  (Must Love Pekes: OUR HOLIDAY PEKE MEETING)
 Nala is trying on Christmas sweaters-- this one is a little tight.  I have others.  Of course, I do.

Keep sharing your Peke (and other pets!) Christmas photos.   We love them!

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LadyJicky said...

I have not put up my tree ..... I usually do it on December 1st but ... with a puppy . Mmmmm I have to think on this! LOL