Tuesday, January 15, 2019


 Allie Marie told us her dad made her a path in the snow so she could go outside.  Parts of Virginia were hit with a lot of snow!! 
 Her mom decided the hot tub was a great place to be in the snow-- my question is, "how fast can you make it to the door?"  LOL
 We had no snow here, just rain. But, last year, Kai Kai was brave in the snow.  We will probably get snow later. 
 People began to measure the snow. It was coming down!
 Leigh's pups said, "NO WAY!" 
 They decided snoozing would be much better.
 Uh oh, it's getting deeper.
 Magnolia said, "This is miserable!"  But, her sister, Scout said, "Let's run!!" 
 Oscar went out in the snow and wandered a bit.
 Maybe it's time to go inside!
 Sugar and Lola were out in snow-- if it gets deeper, they may disappear.
Scout had enough of running in the cold and snow, and warmed up on the couch.  That sounds like a good plan-- until it's time to go out and play again!!  Is more snow coming?? OH, SNOW!

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LadyJicky said...

The snow photos are just lovely and I want to have snow too but ..... then I remember how COLD it is. LOL

Today is super hot .... its been 91f and I think a bit higher during the day.

Yes.... just how do you get out of that hot tub and through the cold snow!! LOL Wow!