Wednesday, January 23, 2019


 Taffy was adopted as a young Peke by a wonderful woman. 
 She was young and beautiful and she had a bright future.
 She adored her mom. Things don't always work out the way we hope they will. 
 Her mom became very sick and asked if we could help Taffy.  We could.
 Taffy had been taken care of so well, but she was older and just needed a place to be. 
She came to Barbara's home-- on her way to NC to a forever foster home.   But, a snow storm intervened and she was "stuck" with Barbara and Ty.   It was okay.   
 When she came, Barbara toyed with the idea of changing her name to Mandy Rose-- in memory and honor of Mandy (who only lived a month after we got her) and Rosie, the older Albino Peke who needed a place to end her life. The two of them lived out their days with Barbara and Ty, and had love and comfort there. 
 The name Mandy Rose sounded cute because Taffy was like the two of them rolled into one, but healthier.   Barbara decided she was her own special girl, though,  and so Taffy became Taffy Sue.  It rolls off the tongue easily and she does respond to it.  (Wow, an older Peke who can hear!!)
 We don't know her birth date, so Barbara gave her December 7, 2005 as her birthday-- we got her back on December 7, so it was a good date to pick.   We think she is 13.
Taffy is one of those peaceful little souls that goes through the day toddling around on her short little legs from one soft place to another.  She rarely makes a sound, except for a little snore.  She may give a tiny yip if she thinks her food is not getting to her fast enough.  In rescue, we don't just try to find homes for our Pekes  If they need us later, we want to help, too.

Taffy Sue came back to us.  We thought she was just making a stop in Richmond, but, in a little twist, she is going to stay there-- in a place where she is loved and adored.  She is a beautiful girl and will stay a part of our rescue program.   We think she deserves it.   

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LadyJicky said...

I think Taffy Sue needs a nice place to end her days.