Sunday, January 6, 2019


 This little one-- about 13 pounds-- was hit by a car and has broken ribs.  He was in a shelter, but no one claimed him.   They asked for help-- and we said YES.
 He needs to rest for awhile so that he can heal.  Then, we can have his medical updated (neutered, etc).    We think he's pretty young.
 He really wants to come out and play, but he'll have to wait.  Poor guy!
His foster sister, Hannah, fussed at him and he just laid down.  Oh well, someone has to tell him to rest.  I guess she took the job.  We need a name for him-- we'll decide soon! 


LadyJicky said...

Oh the poor guy ..... but .... I am so glad you got him Linda!

Karen Ray said...

Poor Baby. Hope he will get better soon. Such a cutie. I am without a Little Peke now. My two Babies were with me for 13 years. They were so sweet and loving and Little Hams. Miss them so. Hope you have good luck with the Baby that was Hit by a car. He is so Beautiful.I am Boise ID. Thanks for sharing about the Little Guys/
Karen Ray