Saturday, February 2, 2019


 I needed to do catch up on my dogs today.  The past few weeks have been busy, and I had today where I could just have some "home" time.   Chumley had a "pass" because he is still on "sick time" with his back.   I'm sure he wanted to laugh at everyone else as they got put in the sink.
 Minnie is trying to be invisible-- I see you.    (Later, she hid under the Grand Piano, haha.)
 Max really needed a haircut, so I did some. I'm terrible at it, but we'll fix him later with a professional cut.   I trimmed off a lot of hair-- he is so "Mr. Grumpy" about the whole thing.
 Minnie was still trying to hide-- she kind of blends in, but not really.
 I caught you!  Minnie still has PTSD-- she's doing better, but she still stresses so much. The bath wasn't bad, but the blow dry was like wrangling an orangutan!   Holy cow! 
 Kai Kai is trying to sleep-- but he got a bath, too.  He is so good about it and I put him in a laundry basket on the grooming table to dry him--so he won't fall off.    Talk about hair all over the place.
 I messaged Kay, Claretta and Barbara about what I LOOKED LIKE after a bath.  Some of their dogs are being bathed tomorrow-- their turn!  I told them I was refraining from a selfie. 
 Beau (above) and Pop here are probably better than Minnie. 
 Tina is just a good girl-- yes, I'm responsible for getting this non-Peke out of the shelter.  She was a bare mess, no hair and skin horrible.   She was so needy-- she really did look like she could be a Peke-- really she did.  I keep telling myself that.  She is such a sweet dog and has brought so much joy to her home.
 Barbara is having the groomer come to do her dogs. 
 She's missing out on what Kay and Claretta and I get to experience. 
 You know, wet dogs, wet towels, wet self.  Hair flying all over the place, trying to control the dog on the grooming table.  Trying to blow them dry in a laundry basket.   Such fun!!
 Kacey may plead for a pass-- but I doubt he'll get one.
Melrose may try, too.    Once they're all done, we can see what they look like.  I'm sure they will look better than Max does. LOL   But, they'll all be clean-- and then WE can get clean! 


LadyJicky said...

I can see a bit of Peke in Tina .... the nose!

Oh the Bath!!!

Yum Yum loves our hair blow dryer...... it started as a tiny puppy here ... my husband loves his garden blower ( you know that rotten darn thing that blows leaves everywhere and is super noisy ) well , Yum Yum was fascinated with it and he would get a blow with it too - it is his favourite puppy game and still is !!!

When I took him to the groomer to have the summer cut the lady said he was not frightened of the blow dryer ... very rare as all dogs can be .... well , we told her he just loves it when Steve blows the garden paths and he HAS to be in front of it ! So the hair dryer is just a small one to him! LOL

Its very hot here in Oz and I have the AirCon on and that blows too..... yep, that is where Yum Yum sits and cools in the breeze.LOL

He is not fond of the water and shampoo but I know blow drying will be a breeze with him!
Happy Bath Time Linda :)

Lost Earring said...

What fun and they probably feel so much better after a bath. Our gang get crazy after their baths and it's batten down the hatches for their show of running around the house with little play fights with much growling and barking.