Wednesday, February 27, 2019


 I have "only" Pekes in my house-- okay, Piper isn't a Peke, but he's cute and he was Paddington's best friend.  So, we made an exception. 
 Yesterday, my friend called me from a shelter I love working with. 
 A 9 month old AKC Standard Poodle had been turned in and they wanted to know if I knew a Poodle rescue.   My mind went into high gear.   (Okay, so my mind is in high gear a lot-- after all, Sugar Bit is here a lot haha.)
 I had a friend who had two beautiful Standard Poodles, so I called her to see if she knew anyone looking for one. 
 She was actually looking for a new one.  Her Bailey needed a friend.
 So, off we both went to the shelter.  We met Faith there.   
 Faith could only go to rescue, so guess what.  Faith became a Pekingese for ten minutes and then was adopted by my friend. 
 She met her new brother and sister.  And then off she went, to her new home. 
 I came back home, smiling because another dog had a new home.   My Max gave me a talking to.  He thought I was bringing a big dog home!  😀
 Piper was asking, "What were you thinking?"   LOL 
Paddington didn't care.  He just wanted to play with his toy.  It was a good rescue day! 


Lost Earring said...

OMG Love this story and The Ten Minute Peke is now a classic part of Potomac's history.

lady jicky said...

Better to be a Peke for only 10 mins than never be a Peke at all ! lol

So glad you found that beautiful Poodle a new home.

As they say Linda ...... "Job well done!"

Tracy said...

Thank you Linda!

Gracienoid said...

Great thinking so this beautiful dog could go to it's new home