Friday, April 10, 2009


Before I was a Dog Mom: I cleaned my house everyday, I never tripped over toys, stuffies, chewies, or invited the neighbor's dog over to play. My living room didn't have to be blocked off so the Pekes couldn't go in there. Cranberry gets to visit the living room, where she can be like Greta Garbo and have "time alone!"
Before I was a Dog Mom: I could lay in the hammock without interruption! I could listen to the water flowing behind our house without dogs barking, giving kisses, smothering me with love. It's hard not to laugh when you have dogs all over you!
Before I was a Dog Mom: I could sit on the floor in front of the fireplace without being stared at by lots of Pekingese.
Before I was a Dog Mom: I made and ate hot meals uninterrupted; I had unstained, unfurred clothes; I had quiet conversations on the phone, even if the doorbell rang. (Scooter doesn't care if I have quiet phone conversations!)
Before I was a Dog Mom: I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got to bed . . . or if I could get into my bed.
Before I was a Dog Mom: I didn't worry if my plants, cleansers, plastic bags, toilet paper, soap or deodorant were poisonous or dangerous. (Maggie was actually playing tug of war with some English Ivy! Now I need to research that plant!) Max loves the yard--
Before I was a Dog Mom: I had never been peed on, pooped on, drooled on, chewed on, or pinched by puppy teeth.
Before I was a Dog Mom: I had complete control of my thoughts, my body and my mind. I slept all night without sharing the covers or pillow. I could lay on the couch BY MYSELF.

Before I was a Dog Mom: I never looked into big, soulful eyes and cried. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop a hurt. I never knew something so furry and four-legged could affect my heart so deeply.
Before I was a Dog Mom: I had never held a sleeping puppy just because I couldn't put it down. I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was well. I didn't know how warm it feels inside to feed a hungry puppy. I didn't know that something so small could make me feel so important.
Before I was a Dog Mom: I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache, the wonderment, or the satisfaction of being.....



Pekiegirl said...

Life sure changes when you let unconditional love into your life. Pekes aren't dogs, they're little people who understand when you're feeling down, or need some kisses and cuddles. I also noticed that you, too, wear pekie socks!

lady jicky said...

Before I was a Dog Mum - I could wear black and Never brush it afterwards!

* I love seeing your peke photos!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trade it for the world :)

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog and adorable photos! I have three pomeranians and it's hard watching them age. I want them to be around FOREVER! They are 11, 9 and 8 yrs.old. Two of them have a history of abuse, and they are the most loving creatures in the world. I will never be without a dog, that's for sure! I just never thought I'd have three at the same time:)


Anonymous said...

Hi again, Linda ~ I'm sorry I got so sidetracked telling about my poms that I forgot to mention a healthy method for flea control so we don't have to put poisons on our beloved pooches. They have a website
I always hated using Frontline, not only because I knew it was toxic, but I wanted my dogs to be able to sleep in bed with us, but it aggravated my asthma. I've been using the fleatreats since last Fall and they really work at repelling fleas, they are all natural and the dogs LOVE them. Just thought I'd share ~ I don't work for the company ~ I'm just a customer:)

P.S.fleatreats are reasonably priced too!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Just happened upon your blog and I had to comment on this posting. I have a 15-year-old Peke who doesn't show any signs of slowing down, (except for a recently diagnosed bladder stone.) She keeps our other dogs, an Australian Shepherd and a Pug-mix in check!

I know the house would be much cleaner without the fur-kids, but I can't imagine life without them.

I have to read your other postings now! I love Pekes!

Linda said...

I have found that a special diet (I use Waltham's S.O. food for bladder health) and distilled water have reallly helped my Pekes that have bladder issues.