Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marco Polo-- Before and After

Look at this beautiful boy! You wouldn't believe this is the same dog that came out of a shelter just a short time ago. I'm so glad he was saved-- and the shelter workers and Mary were instrumental in that rescue.
This is what he looked like at the shelter-- with a collar inbedded in his neck.

They took him to the emergency vet and he removed the collar. The shelter did what they could, but rural shelters are so limited. They just have no funds. But, they cared and that meant a lot. And they wanted him to go to rescue-- and that meant more!
Because now, he is a beautiful happy boy! And happy, and loved and ADOPTED!!! He is sitting on his "Dad's lap"-- he was supposed to be his mom's dog, but being a Peke, he chose her dad. Marco decided that he is a Daddy's boy and he chose the best Dad in the world (his mom says!). He loves his new red tee-shirt! He thinks he is one handsome boy with it on-- and he right.
We are so glad for you Marco! (I just got another update on Marco-- here is it: "Marco is the greatest gift God could have chosen for us at this time. He is everything one expects in a young Peke -- supremely intelligent, loving, joyful, caring, devoted. Charlie, our other Peke, is happier than he has ever been, and he is now 10! Marco has proved that he is trustworthy in the house at night, and elects to sleep in the bedroom hallway so that he can be near us AND protect us. Even though he is barely larger than a mosquito, he has a substantial bark. He is simply perfect in every way, and I can't thank you and Gloria and Louise for working so hard together to get him for me. I hope that in the near future I will be able to send you sone pix, but until that time, just know that he has put on a little weight, it is getting harder and harder to feel his ribs, and his coat is getting glossy. He will be a gorgeous adult." I'm so glad that Marco has such a loving, wonderful home!!!


lady jicky said...

Big Kisses to Marco!

He looks a different dog and I am just so glad he is in a wonderful home even if he picked his Dad over his Mum!!! LOL

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope he receives many Peke kisses today!

Marco is such a handsome boy! What a difference love and grooming make! Wow!!! That poor baby. He must have been through so much. He is blessed to have been saved. And, now he will bless his family with his love!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Matt !!!!

What a before and after with this little guy. He is so cute. It's so nice to know there are so many who will adopt even thou the outer side looks so bad,knowing what is inside that counts.......Great ending to a very bad start.

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Matt !!!!

What a before and after with this little guy. He is so cute. It's so nice to know there are so many who will adopt even thou the outer side looks so bad,knowing what is inside that counts.......Great ending to a very bad start.

Karin said...

Wow, what a transformation! I'm so grateful Marco got a second chance to experience love. Animals don't have "pity parties" no matter how bad they've had it. Humans could learn a lot.

Rattlesnakechili said...

I am happy, read DELIRIOUS, to be Marco's Mom. One of his favorite places to be is sitting in my father's lap (I live with my elderly parents), but I am happy to provide one little update since the quote Linda put online. Over the weekend, Marco realized that I am his Mom He follows me around the house, comes to greet me when I come home from work, and walks to the door with me when I leave in the morning. He does not love my mother or father any less, it is just that he now really ADORES me and monitors everything that I do.

Marco is the most wonderful little guy ever, and I've had Pekes for 30 years, having gotten my first from the SPCA in Baltimore. Marco's full name is Marco Polo, as I though he must have done a lot of traveling before he came to us.

Karin wrote "Animals don't have pity parties," and she is so right. If any creature had the right to have emotional problems it was Marco. He came to us with love in his heart, with the desire to be a good member of the pack, and the intent of learning and following all pack rules. Our Ocicat, Milo, drinks out of the seashells held by cherubs on the large (as in, not desk or table top size) decorative fountain I have on the floor of the sunroom. Even though Marco will drink water from the bowls on the floor, he will also go drink out of the fountain's shells. We have not had any "accidents," any pouting, nervousness, or other maladjustment issues. He is just full of love and understanding and humor, and as only Pekes have, unbridled joy.

I give thanks to God for sending Marco to us, and send special thanks to those who invested their own time and money and effort into making this happen, especially Linda, Gloria, and Louise. Sometimes the good Lord works his miracles through people, and this is one of thise times.

Celeste, aka, Marco's Mom

E.W. IN MD said...

When you see the after picture of him --- one would not know he is the same dog! I am sure there are times the Rescuers are weary or discouraged in this line of work---but seeing these wonderful results & knowing the animals will finally go to a home where they are loved & cared for --- has to make their tireless efforts soooooo wortwhile!