Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A fellow rescue group was asked to help this male Pekingese. He was in horrible condition, filthy and matted. They named him Cooper.
So, they took him to the vet and had him cleaned up, and........'he' was a 'she'!!! So, they renamed her Gracie. She was so matted, it was not possible to even tell whether it was a girl or a boy.
You can sure tell she's a little girl now! She was exhausted after her day of beauty.
But, she took time to pose for some pictures before going to bed for the night. Oh, she's not a Pekingese, she's a Shih-Tzu. The things we find out in rescue!! :-)


lady jicky said...

Gracie looks like my Kenzo ! She is so pretty :)

That first photo of her in the shelter was shocking! Poor Gracie , what was her life like before you found her I wonder.

Linda said...

Her life was obviously awful-- who could let a dog get to this point-- too many people just don't care. But, she is fine now and had a lot of people who wanted her!

emilyp said...

I remember the pics on the rescues page..incredible. Gracie does not look like the same dog, which is a GREAT thing:) She is beautiful!

Nicky said...

yippee! That was the baby I helped get rescued!!! Is that transformation amazing or what??? He was a she!!! She was so matted that they couldn't even tell the sex of the dog. So great someone stepped up to help this little angel. Grooming sure can do wonders!

lady jicky said...

You really need to brush them once a day I think. That way the knots keep away and you really don't need to spend much time if you do it daily. Works for me and I sure know it if I have been sick and missed a couple of days with my two! LOL