Monday, April 25, 2011


Kyden/Kai Kai went to the farm this week-end. The farm is where my daughter and three of the Bits live. BUT, FIRST.....

We want to wish Jeanne and Bill happy anniversary!!! Thirteen years! YIPPEE. :-) Drill Bit wanted to say Happy Anniversary, too. Jeanne loves Drill Bit!

Kai was looking out at the pasture where there are three horses. He wasn't too sure about them. His "brother" Scooter kept going under the fence, but Kai was wise enough to stay on our side of it.

The horses weren't too concerned. Scooter was not a threat.

But, Kai thought he's stay on our side anyway.

Kai Kai got to meet a Guinea Hen. He was really good.

He just didn't know what they were.

Drill Bit was telling him they were not going to hurt him.

The chickens were trying to get away from Kai, though. When Kai saw the chicken wandering around, he broke free of the hold one of the Bits had on his leash and chased the chicken around the car.

So, the chicken jumped IN the car. And Kai stopped when I told him to stop. What a good boy he is!

He still wanted to know what they were--running around like crazy!

He was happy there and he and Max (and Scooter and Cranberry and Starlight) had lots of walks. And Kai slept all the way home-- and was glad to back to his own yard. But, he had a great time at the farm!


lady jicky said...

What lovely photos !!!

The bits look cute and so do the pekes!

Potomac said...

Thanks Linda !!!

I love the photos of the little bit. He is the cutest kid ever !!! I want some chickens too but my pack would have them for dinner.....with out me even cooking them :) I would love to have fresh eggs.....

emilyp said...

Happy Anniversary Jeanne!!!

Love the farm pics:) Kai looks like he was having a very good time. He really has such a gorgeous coat!!

Karin said...

Happy Anniversary, Jeanne!
What a fun day you all had at the farm!
I've always wanted chickens and they even allow them in the city limits now, but our winters are too harsh and long and I can't see myself braving the cold to feed them ~ I'd probably end up with them inside the house all winter :)