Saturday, April 23, 2011


I want to extend my deepest sympathy to my Peke friend, Monica. She adopted Trevor and Bianca/Phoebe from us. One of her Pekes, Maxxie/Max died this week. He is the beautiful black and white one in the picture. Maggie (adopted by her mom) is in the background.

Here is Maggie with Max-- two very loved Pekes. I'm so sorry about your loss, Monica. Rest in peace, sweet Maxxie.


We just took in this little beauty! Her name is Hannah and she is only two years old. She was an owner turn in.

Hannah was checking things out in every direction. What's on the ground, little one?

Hannah is good with people and other dogs, but she's not crazy about cats-- or maybe she just wants to chase them to play.

She loves to cuddle. And I think she likes to sit in the sunshine and feel the breeze blowing on her face.

There must be scents in the air because she looks like she smells something good.

She's only 14 pounds and her foster parents say she is a sweetheart.

She is very mellow and loves just to be held. Sounds like a perfect little dog to me.

If you're interested in adopting Hannah, just email


lady jicky said...

I think Hannah is very beautiful and there is an elegance to her.
I hope she finds a nice home real soon!

Love the tulips too!

cby said...

You could bring Hannah over and make introductions'[-------------------
˘\[=po- with "Gloria's cat" but then I'm afraid that this little imperial beauty wouldn't be leaving! Hannah is adorable, Linda.

Nicky said...

What a little beauty she is! The tulips are absolutely beautiful too.