Monday, April 11, 2011


Jie-Li, known as Jelly, came to us from a shelter in Maryland. He is a timid, but very sweet boy of about 3 years old. His foster mom named him Jie-Le, which mean Pure Joy... That's what we want for this little boy.
A volunteer at the shelter sent me this adorable picture! How cute is he! I love when their little tongues stick out, as if there is just not enough room in their mouth for it.
Jelly appears to have been abused and will take time to trust a new owner. His foster mom said he comes and lays near her feet, desperately wanting to be close to her. He is not aggressive at all and is making little steps to realizing he is safe now.
He has a puppy cut now, and is about 15 pounds, but he needs to gain a little.
He likes to be outside on the deck-- are you squinting at the sun, Jelly?
... and checking out your new surroundings?
Denali, your Peke sister (foster mom's Peke) has become your "Scooter." If a Peke is a Scooter (named after one of my sweet Pekes), he is concerned for the new dog to feel safe, to know he has a friend, to encourage and try to be a friend. Denali and Scooter are both "Scooters." :-)
Life is going to get better and better.
There's a whole new world out there just waiting to be explored.
His foster mom said she truly doesn't believe there is a mean nor aggressive bone in his body. I love to hear that! With a little time, this Peke will make a great addition to someone's lucky family!


lady jicky said...

Jie- Le looks like a very lovely Peke and I hope he finds a kind and loving home Linda.

emilyp said...

He looks so sweet, I just want to give me hugs and kisses.

Life* A Blog said...

Look at his face! Who doesn't like jelly eh? <3

Paladin2010 said...

Cute Little Boy!

Suet-Suet had a habit of laying ON my right foot. This way he could look at my wife and also he would know if I did anything!

Nicky said...

What a beautiful little guy!