Friday, April 15, 2011


I want to first share this wonderful video of the spirit of this special dog: Click here: One Brave Little Dog +++ ++++ ++++ +++
I have a new Peke friend in St. Louis!! Millie fosters for the St. Louis Senior Dog Project in Missouri. I love the seniors and am so glad to know someone who helps them. It doesn't mean we don't help others, as you will see by this blog. Above is Bo, one of the blind fosters that she kept-- another "foster failure" we've talked about. :-) (I love the foster failures and am so thankful to their new families for keeping them!!!) Bo is just beautiful!!
Here are Ming Sue (her dog) and Tabatha, who is now adopted. They look so precious.
Millie fostered some puppies. Here they are with their new owner, who was happy to adopted a bonded pair. I love it when pairs can stay together! I don't worry about them missing us so much-- okay, I worry about all of them, especially the first few days.
Here are the puppies when she got them, starving for food and affection. Klondike is the big puppy on the right. He's been adopted, too. Couldn't you just kiss his face!?
And last, but still so special, is Rosebud. She's also blind and was one of her fosters that Millie kept. Blind dogs can be amazing, and they use their other senses to get around. As long as you don't move your furniture all the time (oh, I am guilty of that!), they do fine.
Millie also has 2 Japanese Chins and 2 Shih Tzus along with her 3 Pekingese. I know this is a loved group of dogs. Thank you, Millie, for sharing these wonderful pictures and story.


cby said...

Millie is a Pekingese and Chin Guardian angel in the Midwest! Missouri is the cradle of the puppy mill industry for the rest of the United States, so Millie is very busy!

Cheers to Millie, St. Louis Senior Dog Project, Linda, Jeanne, PVPC and foster homes everywhere. You spread compassion, hope and selflessness to all of us! Thank you for all you do every day!

lady jicky said...

Hi to Millie - she is a special lady indeed!

Everyone loves a puppy but .... a true dog lover will take a "older dog" and they can be very puppy like, infact , all dogs are "puppies" its not in the age its in the spirit :)
I call Kenzo and Moi "puppies" all the time and they are far from that .

emilyp said...

What gorgeous Pekes she has!! And those puppies, so snowy white:) I love hearing stories about people who help Pekes:)