Thursday, September 8, 2011


Bear was in a shelter near me six years ago. He was a "junk yard dog" in appearance, totally neglected. They were afraid of him, too. I had them put him in a crate in my car and I took him straight to the vet.

They kept him overnight and shaved him down-- there was no saving his hair, it was matted and filthy. I went the next day and thought, "what can this little dog do to me?" They brought him in and I knelt down-- and called to him. He ran to me, put his feet on my knees and gave me kisses. OH, SO SWEET!!

He was adopted by an incredible family and I've received updates on him and his sister, Cassie (below). Bear likes to be called "his royal majesty, King Bear." :-) He rules the roost there. He was very shy in rescue, but he's not anymore! His mom said he has her wrapped around his little paw. Bear is almost totally blind (can see only shadows) but gets around like a fully sighted dog. He loves to gallop around the house and keeps his head held high like the little king he is.

Cassie is a Peke, too, and she was obviously having a blast in the snow last year. (Does that picture make you feel cooler? It is the point of summer where I am tired of the heat, humidity and the mosquitos!)

Cassie adores Bear and when they go to the groomer, she will talk to him the entire time he is being groomed.

His mom told me a story about him that is so cute. Once in a while, Bear will get into mischief-- but heaven forbid he should be fussed at. If he is, he will walk away limping. But, as soon as mom talks to him, the limp is gone! He also figured that if he goes outside and comes back in, he gets a treat for doing his business-- well, sometimes, he just goes out and right back in, grinning and running to get a treat. His tail is going 100 mph! From "junk yard dog" to cherished companion. That is why we do rescue-- I love it!


lady jicky said...

So Bear has been "working it" with the old go outside and come back in treat trick!
Bad King Bear!!!! LOL

* Moi Moi has taken a fancy to old Bear (she likes a sugar daddy) and wants to be his Queen! LOL !!

Toni Davis said...

I fostered Bear for a few days and have kept in touch with his momma over time. He was such a sweetheart and sooo cute. I was so happy he got such a great forever home. Don't you just love this little mischief they can get into!!?

emilyp said...

LOL, Drizzle does the same thing about going out and coming back in for a treat!

Karin said...

Love the story about his pretend limp for sympathy! That's a new one! My daughter's Corgi will roll over repeatedly when she's being scolded because she knows we think it's cute ~ distraction tactic.