Monday, September 19, 2011


Jojo was adopted several months ago and has a wonderful home in Maryland. He gets so much attention. One of the things he loves to do is play ball.

He's ready!!

Where did it go Jojo?

There it is-- get it Jojo!!

After playing ball and using all that energy, Jojo settles down to wait for dinner to be announced-- of course, I mean he's keeping an eye out for the move toward the kitchen. Mine know as soon as I grab the bowls and a spoon and they all run to the "dog desk" where I prepare their meals.

He heard the call and is waiting patiently for his bowl to be put in front of him. YUM!!

After dinner, it's time for a walk-- he's such a beautiful boy!

Oh, there's the tongue-- I love when Pekes' little tongues are poking out. He's heading back home now, but first...

it's time to run some! Look at his ears flying! Jojo, you are such a great dog! I loved you when you were here and am so glad I get to keep hearing stories about you.


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda, you can see that JoJo is one happy chappy now!!!!

cby said...

Adorable! That is one happy little man. What a great family he became a part of. Congratulations!

Nicky said...

SO cute and wonderful photos too. I love the stories about the pekeys!!

Karin said...

These pictures of JoJo in action are beautiful!