Monday, September 26, 2011


My friend, Autumn, had a special boy that died a few months ago. I received pictures of him recently and wanted to share them. I love this one with the sunglasses on floating in the pool. That was one pampered dog!!

Max was a rescued Shih Tzu. When she got him, he was filthy and matted. He had been dumped by the side of the road but she saw beyond the dirt and mats and knew he would be a beautiful boy inside and out. I love adopters like this who can see that. This dog was not in a rescue group-- he would have been cleaned up. Most shelters don't have the staff (or the money) to do what we do for the dogs. After four trips to the groomer, he became the beautiful boy he was supposed to be all along. Max lost his sight and hearing but as long as he had someone with him, he was fine. He lived until he was 16 years old. Rest in peace, sweet boy.

Autumn's first dog, Tracy, went to the Rainbow Bridge a long time ago, but I wanted to post her picture, too, I'm sure they are both playing joyfully there. Rest in peace, Tracy.

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lady jicky said...

Your Max was a pretty boy and I feel your pain.