Friday, September 16, 2011


Paige is one of our great foster moms. She has fostered so many for us-- and she keeps a framed picture of each one in her home. Here she is with Louie-- the blind puppy she fostered.

She has Pekes of her own and has loved the breed for a long time. This one is Sawyer-- he just went to his forever home last week. I'm sure Cubbie and Domino miss him. The three would play like crazy in the yard.

Niles came to us "by mistake." He's a Japanese Chin-- not a Peke, but he desperately needed help. We picked him up for another group, but he's still wtih us. And Paige and Danni both love him.

Louie is here with his new dog family-- he lives in Minnesota now. Wow, I know it gets cold there! I'm sure he'll be outfitted wonderfully in the winter. I can't wait to see pictures of that.

Domino is still with Paige and waiting for his forever home. He is so glad he's with Paige where he can be safe and begin to realize he will be loved forever. Thank you Paige for all you do for these little ones. I love our foster parents!!

I don't want to forget Dr. Rich Teague, our special vet in Richmond-- he has done so much for our foster dogs in that area!! Happy Birthday!!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Paige!
I do hope all your Peke's have baked you a cake! LOL

cby said...

Happy Birthday, Paige! Hope your day is special just like you!

Michael Roane said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Paige!

Paige said...

Thanks guys!!!! Very Sweet