Monday, September 5, 2011


Jinji came into rescue in 2008. She was only 8 pounds and too thin, even though she was still a puppy. We were told her owner died and no one in the family wanted her-- but we did! She was adopted by a wonderful family near me.

She had to have all her vetting, but then she was ready to go. They have two daughters and it took both of them to keep up with Jinji! ;-)

Now Jinji has a new friend-- a 9 month old yellow lab puppy named Lily. Her family couldn't keep up with her needs, and Jinji is great with bigger dogs. In fact, she learned that she could hide right underneath them and they had a hard time figuring out where she was. Lily joined the family and is now Jinji's best friend.

Lilly enjoys laying under the chair in the back yard, or hanging around with Jinji to watch out the front door (below). She is so happy with her new family.

Jinji has no trouble keeping up with Lily. And I know Lilly is so glad to have found this family to live with.

Jinji is a little beauty-- I'm so glad she has a doggy friend now. (I think 2 or more dogs is GREAT!!)
Thanks for sending me the update, Fran!! Give them a hug for me!

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lady jicky said...

What a great pair of mates! Yes, its so nice that they have eachother!!!