Saturday, September 10, 2011


We just got this pathetic looking boy from a shelter today. We really could use a foster home for him because right now he is at Tiffany's and she has a bit of overload there. (We all know what that's like!)

His skin needs help and he'll go to the vet first thing on Monday. Tiffany gave him a soothing bath to try to help his raw, red spots on his skin. We have no idea how old he is, but we'll know more on Monday.

We do need a name for him though. Do you have any ideas? Send them on!!


lady jicky said...

I think he looks so sad but so sweet.

I would like to suggest - Zero Hero in memory of Ground Zero.

10 years today and I can still remember watching the towers go down on TV live here in Australia > it was happening after midnight and I just keep watching until dawn - it was shocking . We must not forget the Pentagon where our Australian Prime Minister was on that day and the meadow where the plane crashed too.
Just shocking and like ground zero , this little peke will rise up with all your help too.

Deana said...

Love Lady Jicky's idea!

To me, he looks like a Motown singer. I'd name him Motown or maybe Smokey.

Trish said...

If I didnt live so far away i would take him

Trish said...

I live in Illinois and have no way of getting him or I would have been there already.

Linda said...

That's funny Trish-- I actually have a friend coming from Illinois later this month. :-)

If you are interested, fill out an application-- we do home and vet checks, but sometimes, we do go "out of area."

Babygirl12609 said...

Ok, so Jack wanted to put his 2 cents in and vote for Nero :-)

Trish said...

where do I find the application ?

Trish said...
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Linda said...

Applications are on our web site:

Toni Davis said...

I like "Arthur". Strong, male name:_Or Artie.
Bless his little heart. He has a hard struggle ahead of him. A lot going on for such a little fellow. My love to him.

Trish said...

Linda I filled one out but not sure how he would get here I cant take of work to travel there.

Linda said...

Trish, can you email me at