Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Dollar loves hugs from his new mom-- he just lays his head on her shoulder and sighs with happiness!!
Another foster failure. :-) Dollar's foster mom and dad have adopted him. He had some behavior issues, but Dollar trusts them now. His new mom is completely in love with him. She said, "He is so much fun to train. He loves to play fetch and jump through his hoop and he makes a really great guard Pekingese! No one gets close when he is in attack mode! He puts himself in his xpen each night for dinner and of course lets himself out when he is done. He loves our other dogs and is the first one to play with the new fosters. If only I could get him over his fear based people aggression he would be perfect." We're so glad Dollar has his owner forever home!!!


Gracie's Mom said...

Gracie said "Mom Dollar looks like me"

lady jicky said...

Too cute to let go !!!

lady jicky said...

OMG --- how lovely !!!

lady jicky said...

I must say he is Super Cute!!!!

Ladylakegolfer said...

He's sooo adorable!! Lucky Dollar!