Thursday, November 3, 2011


Meet Zoey. She just arrived in rescue.

She came to us from a shelter after they sent us a plea to save her life. They are a small shelter with little money and they said those with medical issues have a high euthanasia rate-- and this little girl needed someone to help her.

She only 1 1/2 to 2 years old-- very young and she has been bred several times. Probably every heat. She developed some problems because of that and needs surgery. It couldn't happen in the shelter.

Don't let her sad look fool you-- this is one joyful, happy girl!

She waited patiently for the vet to come in and check her out. She only weighs about 13 pounds, but needs to gain some. We are feeding her puppy food to help her regain her health and fill her body with nutrients.

While we waited, she decided to be a mountain goat-- I mean Peke-- and climb on the back rest between the seats.

She appears to be house trained and is great with her home's 3 year old child. She loves other dogs and is playing and enjoying her life. She'll be ready for adoption soon!!

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lady jicky said...

Linda, Zoey looks very sweet and I am so glad you took her - I am sending BIG adoption vibes for Miss Z !!!