Monday, November 7, 2011


I told you about Molly yesterday, the little Shih Tzu who was rescued by Whitney. She is just blossoming at Whitney's. She says that Molly is a little pistol and she's taken to her and Bijous so much. She and Bijoux and even starting to play together. I love to watch dogs playing-- that's why I always have more than one. (Okay, so maybe six is a bit much haha.)

She loves to sit by her sister, Bijoux, in the car. She had never been cared for before-- and now look at her. She's clean, and has a little pink sweater on for cold days. I wonder if she has a pink bed?

I think this bed is purple-- don't worry, I'm sure your mom will get a pink one, too. And then you can join the Pink Bed Club. Wait, is that a pink blanket I see in there?

I see you have a purple harness, too. I think that may be your color.

And a Chanel sweater-- you have a lot of winter outfits, I'm sure.

You're all set for a nice nap. I'm so glad your new mom rescued you. The rest of your life is going to be wonderful!

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lady jicky said...

We are loving Molly here in New Zealand Linda!!!!
I am keeping a eye on your Peke girls!!!! LOL
Melinda and Steve