Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Buttons came into rescue in mid October. She was turned in by her owner who had had her only a short time. (Her original owners moved overseas and could not keep her.) Buttons was at least 12 years old.

On Monday, Buttons suddenly began seizing. She was taken to the vet and bloodwork was done to try to evaluate what was going on. Seizures are not uncommon with Pekes, but Buttons' seizures were bad. She was put on phenobarbital, and we thought she would rest. On Wednesday, she began seizing again. She went to the vet and on coming home, she went to nap and died in her sleep. Her foster mom was shocked and so are we. We think she must have had a seizure disorder before and we didn't know about it. She was greatly loved for the month in her foster home. Rest in peace, sweet Buttons.

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Fiona Ross said...

Very sorry to hear this, but glad that she had the best of care and lots of tender, loving care with her foster family. Rest in peace, Buttons.