Sunday, November 27, 2011


I haven't done a pink bed blog in a while, so here's a short one. ;-)

Starlight is a spoiled, smart Peke. She sleeps in a private room, otherwise known as the laundry room. She won't sleep in our room. She wants her own space.

She has a pink bed with a pillow to raise her head and it's next to the air vent that keeps her warm in the winter and cold in the summer. The next thing is for her to call for her servant (Daddy) to carry her out to the gardens so that she can enjoy the outdoors.

Parker is in a pink bed at my house-- he's being fostered in Virginia Beach and just wants a family who will let him cuddle all the time. He's a sweet boy!

Odin has taken over a pink bed. Boys don't care if it's pink-- they are just looking for comfort. What you can't see is all the toys under Odin. He keeps adding more and then I gather them up and put them back in the toy area. That last a day!

And last, here is Meggie Mei, Essie's sweet girl. She is on her own idea of a pink bed. Looks comfortable to me!


lady jicky said...

Oh boy, you got to love a Pink Bed!!

Essie said...

I just love the pink bed blogs......Maybe this year Santa will bring Meggie Mei her very own pink bed......She does love to lay out in the sunshine though!

Nicky said...

Just so cute! Pekes love comfort! And they deserve it!! Pekes are people too. :)

emilyp said...

I think Pekes love the sun!

Karin said...

Starlight cracks me up!

Gracie's Mom said...

Gracie Lu says:I like my pink bed and Suzy Q and Willy Wonton gave it to me. I also have a red velour bed and a green bed and a red bed shaped like a bone but my Mom's bed is my favorite. Love that Starlight.