Sunday, December 4, 2011


Camden and Brandy are all set with their haircuts and are now waiting for Santa to arrive. I'm sure they'll send me pictures of themselves by the Christmas tree. Brandy's life has changed so much since she was one of the Bristol 18 dogs. She was a skinny 9 pounds, and is now a happy 16 pounder. She loves her foster mom and maybe she'll get a Christmas present of a forever home. We hope so!

Parker is a real cuddler. He's like a little teddy bear. His foster mom calls him Teddy for that reason. If she's on the couch, he's there on her lap.

Emmie (now adopted and a permanent member of the family), Jasper and Parker are all watching their mom. Are you asking if Christmas is coming? I can tell you that it is. I know it will be wonderful! If you are interested in adopting Parker, just email us at .

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lady jicky said...

They are both so beautiful