Friday, December 16, 2011


Happy Birthday, Judy! I hope Yoshi and Shami have wonderful presents for you!
Moi Moi in Australia wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I bet her jacket gets too hot with it being summer there, but she was a good sport wearing it to show her Christmas spirit.

Sybil and Sammy want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This picture was taken at Happy Paws Dog Boarding and Daycare. The Pekes has to be interviewed to make sure their temperament would fit with the other dogs there. The owners are VERY careful to make sure all the dogs there get along and have a safe and happy visit. Sybil and Sammy (one of my sweet fosters) passed with flying colors!!

Wilson, one of our foster dogs, is sitting on Santa's lap. He is one sweet boy. He has an "old man" look about him even though he is not an old man. (The vet says he's only about 5.)

Dinah is looking to her foster mom for support. "Where am I?" she seems to be saying. Don't worry, Dinah, you're safe on Santa's lap. I bet he will bring you some wonderful gifts!

Amelia/Meem and Paddington/Paddy are not going to let Santa get into the house without them knowing it. I love their plaid beds! (I love plaids!) Meem is alert, but I suspect Paddy will fall asleep before Santa gets there. Have a Merry Christmas!!


Pekiegirl said...

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Having Shami and Yoshi makes everyday like Christmas! ;-)

lady jicky said...

Moi Moi has her winter coat on there but she has a summer cut right now!

I wonder where I can find a Santa here that will let me put my dogs on his lap :)

All pekes today were VERY cute and I adore the "christmas present pekes" under the tree !!!!

Dianna Sells, Ph.D. said...

Peke lover here. PEKES RULE <3