Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Shrek is all dressed up for Santa. His outfit is all about Rudolph!

And it looks just perfect on him. He didn't have a lot of hair when he came into rescue, but it's beginning to grow back. He needs a little extra warmth for cold, December days.

He wasn't dressed up in these, but I'm sure he was thinking of Santa. This Christmas is going to be wonderful for him because his future is bright. He came from a Roanoke shelter and had one eye removed there. He received more intense medical help with Lucinda and Roger, our incredible Roanoke team (and vet!).

Shrek has a balance issue, and will sometimes fall over, but he's fine with it. He just gets back up. He pretended to be a Peke in the shelter and just about turned himself inside out to be rescued. How could Roger resist? I couldn't.

Now, he just waiting for Christmas to arrive and this Christmas Day, he'll actually be on his way to his new foster home. She is so excited that he's coming! We are, too.


lady jicky said...

My girls are quite taken with Mr Shrek and they fancy him under their tree!!! he, he - or I should say - Ho, Ho, Ho !!!

mp said...

Shrek look so cute in his outfit. A very Merry Christmas to all the pekes out there. I haven't comment on the post for such a long time but i read the blog everyday.
My Rusty Passed away this morning 1.10 am IST, the 20th December. He was featured here in this blog on 24th June 2010 post. He was only three years old.I miss him so terribly and i just want to share my grief in this blog because you guys know how hard it is to say goodbye.

lady jicky said...

My thoughts go out to you mp and your dear dog Rusty.

Unknown said...

Hope you are as happy as I and my sister are at our forever home. You will be happy there. A very Happy New Year Shrek you deserve it.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Shrek. Hope you are as happy as we are with our forever home. Hope a lot more of our friends get adopted in the New Year!