Saturday, March 31, 2012


Beach Bit loves animals- how could he avoid it!? He is surrounded by them at my house and at home. Here he is with his buddy, Leo, a rescued Lab. Leo was saved within hours of being euthanized. Black dogs and cats at the last to be adopted from shelters and often put down simply because of their color. Leo is excellent with Beach Bit, playing, guarding, and letting Beach Bit do whatever he wants. They are a pair.Gizmo came to visit. Beach Bit, Gizmo and Blond Bit (Toni's great granddaughter) were quite a group.Gizmo was incredible with the kids. Blond Bit was all set for sunny days with her sunglasses. Beach Bit leaned down to give a "gentle" to Gizmo. It's his way of giving love and hugs. Much safer than hugging around the neck. :-)Gizmo has a home pending-- he'll go there in April. He is a great dog!! (His brother, Bear, is still available. Bear has a few idiosyncracies that are being worked on. He just needs time to adjust.)
"Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of
empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky" -John Grogan


lady jicky said...

Hi Linda - been over at my Mum's.

Its the same here in Australia - the black dogs and cats are not popular to adopt!

I don't know why and if you are like most people in my part of the world and we tend to wear alot of black clothing.... black pets are really sensible - no white fur showing!!! LOL

Toni Davis said...

They are soooooooooooo cute and both of them are great with the animals!