Friday, August 24, 2012


Gizzy (above) and Sebastian came to visit. They are such nice dogs! Are you winking at me Gizzy? I think you're flirting! Or is Starlight in the background somewhere.There are a lot you can visit with here."REALLY?"Sebastian is laid back and just watching what is going on. He is a wonderful little Shih Tzu-- can't believe no one has applied for him. But, they will. I'm confident.So is Gizzy.Sebastian is missing one eye-- it was in bad shape, but he can get around with the other eye. He sees well enough to navigate just fine.I love this picture of him!! He has come such a long way! He is the one I took out of the shelter so he could die with someone loving him-- I thought he was really old and in terrible shape. He's doing great now and is only about 5 years old.Gizzy is glad we got him out, too. He was one of those neglected dogs, so he knows what Sebastian went through.Oh, is this your sad face? The face that will get you a treat? :-)I think he knows that Gizzy is about to do something....Yep, he's about to do it!Gizzy loves to sit up-- I have so many pictures of him in this position. He can really beg! But, it doesn't work. He just gets head rubs and lots of love. It's hard to resist not giving him whatever he wants (but people food is just not good for dogs). I know Gizzy and Sebastian will have a forever home soon.

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lady jicky said...

They are both just delightful !!!