Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Look at this sweet boy. His name is Toni and his Mama died over ten years ago, but his daddy kept him and loved him. Now his daddy can't take care of him anymore. His daddy has to go to the hospital a lot and is "elderly." (The shelter told me that.) This Peke was loved and cared for his whole life and he is 13 now and I guess there was no one to take him so he went to the shelter. I have someone who said she will take him until we find a place for him. The shelter is doing all his medical (including a dental), so he just needs a place to finish out his life. I love the seniors. Do you? If you would give him a home, we can waive the adoption fee (but still do home and vet checks). We just want this little one to live the rest of his life with love. Can you resist that sweet face?

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lady jicky said...

How I would love Toni to join my girls !!

Love the Seniors too!!!!!!!